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 WWEFL Official Superstars Division Rules Thread

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WWEFL Official Superstars Division Rules Thread Empty
PostSubject: WWEFL Official Superstars Division Rules Thread   WWEFL Official Superstars Division Rules Thread EmptyMon Dec 20, 2010 2:03 pm

When competing in WWEFL there are some guidelines and or rules that should be followed in order to have a fun and competitive match, these are listed below:

1. Do NOT spam one or more moves constantly throughout the match! (Running grapples, running strikes, etc.) When an opponenet Is getting up from the ground, do NOT perform a running strike/grapple. When both Superstars are standing and in front of each other you can do a running strike/grapple, but in order to do another one you have to complete at least two other Standing grapples.

2. Do NOT constantly try to pin your opponent, in order to pin your opponent you MUST successfully complete your SIGNATURE move and your FINISHER move. After You Complete Your First Set of Sig/Finisher you can attempt a sub at any time after. BUT, you still cannot constantly attempt pins, you must do at least three more heavy grapples before another pin attempt.

3. No completely fake or unbelievable Created Finishers are allowed, and obvisously no Freeze Glitching allowed, using them will result in a automatic loss and possibly a ban.

4. There Is No Rematches in any match unless your opponent agrees to do one right then and there and you both do it right after the first match, otherwise there is no rematches.

These are the rules as of now, although future changes may take place, follow these and all will be well.

Good luck and have fun guys!
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WWEFL Official Superstars Division Rules Thread
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