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 WWEFL 6: Pay Per View : TLC (Tables Ladders & Chairs OFFICIAL card!)

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WWEFL 6: Pay Per View : TLC (Tables Ladders & Chairs OFFICIAL card!) Empty
PostSubject: WWEFL 6: Pay Per View : TLC (Tables Ladders & Chairs OFFICIAL card!)   WWEFL 6: Pay Per View : TLC (Tables Ladders & Chairs OFFICIAL card!) EmptyMon Dec 20, 2010 2:07 pm

WWEFL 6: Pay Per View : TLC (Tables Ladders & Chairs OFFICIAL card!) 2mcy2vs

Sheamus (eRiK_AnDErSoN) and Ezekiel Jackson (Steelers8286) will face each other in a non-DQ EXTREME RULES Match!!

Rules of the match : Any usage of any weapon around is COMPLETELY legal! You win by pinning or making your opponent tap out in the ring.

Chris jericho (halttu) is set to face Edge (Gwuan) in a one-on-one bout

Rules of the match : you must pin or make your opponent tap out inside the ring, or the Ref counts out your opponent.

Batista (NKRatedR) will go one on one with "The Chosen one" Drew McIntyre (CombustionXIII) in a Falls count anywhere match.

Rules of the match : The usage of any weapon is completely legal, you win by pinning your opponent or by making him tap out anywhere.

John cena (Gogomoplata) will be facing his long-time Rival Randy orton (Colonelpizza) in a normal one-on-one match.

Rules of the match : DQ-on, The only way to win this match is to pin your opponent or make him tap out, Or a Count out.

The Undertaker (Undertaker2700) & Rob van dam (Colonelpizza) will be facing The team of Edge (NkRatedR) & Christian (LegendaryPepo) for the Vacant Unified WWE Tag team championships! in a Tables, Ladders and chairs match!

Rules of the match : one person of either teams must climb up the ladder and grab the briefcase/titles that's dangling above the ring, first person who gets the Briefcase/Titles he and his partner will be declared as the winners and the new Champions.

Next : Rey mysterio (MrEugin) will go one-on-one with Rob Van Dam (Kassidy) in a Ladder Match!

Rules of the match : A contract will be in a briefcase for a future WWE Championship match and it will be dangling above the ring. The man that climbs a ladder and grabs the contract will earn a title shot.

Co-main event : The Undertaker (Undertaker2700) and The Rock (Hulkster311) will face each other one-on-one in a tables match.

Rules of the match : The first man who puts his opponent through a table will be declared as the winner.

Main-event : Title vs Career. TLC-match.

Triple H (jojophiehole) Challenged the World heavyweight champion CM Punk (Assassyn07) to put his title on the line, Triple H has Agreed to put his WWEFL-Career on the line, This match is not only a Career-risking match.. but it's a Tables.. Ladders... And chairs match!!! Everything is legal in this match, But TLC is jojophiehole's favorite match, Will Jojophiehole beat his former Tag-team partner Assassyn and finally win the world heavyweight champion? or will Assassyn beat Jojophiehole on his own "Game" and end the Career of Jojophiehole? Something has to give, Ladies and gentlemen, This is the first WWEFL TLC PPV, and things are about to get bloody.


Main-event : CM punk (Assassyn07) vs Jojophiehole (Triple H) - TLC match - Title vs Career, for The World heavyweight championship --> Jojophiehole Wins, New world heavyweight champion!

Co-main event : The rock (Hulkster311) vs The Undertaker (Undertaker2700) - Tables match

Rey mysterio (MrEugin) vs Rob van dam (Kassidy) - Ladder match

Tag Team match : The Undertaker (Undertaker) & Colonelpizza (Rob van dam) vs Edge (NkRatedR) & Christian (LegendaryPepo) - TLC match - for the Unified WWE Tag Team championships.

John cena (Gogomoplata) vs Randy orton (colonelpizza)

Batista (NKRatedR) vs Drew McIntyre (CombustionXIII) - Falls Count anywhere

Chris jericho (Halttu) vs Edge (Gwuan) - Normal Match

Sheamus (eRiK_AnDErSoN) vs Ezekiel Jackson (Steelers8286) - Extreme rules Match

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WWEFL 6: Pay Per View : TLC (Tables Ladders & Chairs OFFICIAL card!)
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